Debuking Common Myths About Opiate Addiction in Shelby County, AL

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Addiction Treatment Center

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Opiate addiction has become an alarmingly common problem in recent years, yet many Alabama residents still assume it’s something that could never happen to them or their loved ones. Like most myths surrounding opiate addiction in Shelby County AL, the idea that addiction is something that only happens to other people can be very harmful. This article will debunk a few of the most common myths about drug addiction to help overcome the negative stigma surrounding opiate abuse and encourage people to reach out for the help they or their loved ones need.

Myth #1: Addicts Should Just Stop Using

Those who have never struggled with addiction sometimes assume that people are choosing to abuse opiates, but who would actively decide to give up everything important in his or her life in favor of using drugs day in and day out? In reality, addiction is a recognized brain disease. People addicted to opiates can’t overcome their substance abuse problems through willpower alone and they won’t wake up one day and just decide to stop.

Myth #2: Going Cold Turkey is the Most Effective Option

It’s actually extremely hard to quit opiates cold turkey. Most addicts do better with medically supervised detox in the earliest phase of recovery, but every person’s path is different. Many recovering addicts use helpful medications like Suboxone for some time after they quit and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Myth #3: Prescription Drugs Are Safe

While it’s true that opiate drugs obtained directly from a doctor’s office are less likely to be contaminated than those purchased on the street, they’re still not safe and they can still be abused. Taking too many of them at once can cause life-threatening health complications and taking them at higher doses than prescribed often leads to ongoing substance abuse disorders. While prescription opiates are sometimes necessary, it’s dangerous to assume that drugs are safe just because they come from a doctor.

The Bottom Line

These are just three of the most common and the most detrimental myths surrounding opiate addiction in Shelby County AL. People from all walks of life struggle with addiction, and the stigma surrounding it can make it even harder for them to get clean. Instead of believing everything they hear, people should click here to learn more about opiate abuse disorders and how they can be treated most effectively.

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