Conditions Treated And Services Provided By A Foot And Ankle Clinic In Kenosha, WI

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Health

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A podiatrist can work in a personal office, a hospital or a foot and ankle clinic. These doctors are trained to work primarily with feet, ankles, and even lower legs, and back pain to determine any problems, injuries, diseases and deformities of the feet. They offer many services and treat multiple conditions to serve you better.

Conditions Treated
Typically, if you have pain or swelling in the ankles, feet or legs, or if you are experiencing low back pain, you can visit a podiatrist or a foot and ankle clinic in Kenosha, WI to be treated. They will typically give you a physical exam and determine what your diagnosis is as part of the treatment process.

Conditions treated can include nail or skin disorders, cancerous and benign tumors and deformities, both acquired and congenital. They can also help with fungal and bacterial infections, problems resulting from another illness like AIDS, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and arthritis or injuries to the bones, soft tissue and tendons.

Services/Treatments Available
You will receive a full exam that relates to the initial problem. This may include shoulders, neck, back or other areas of the body. Tests are usually ordered to make sure the diagnosis is correct or may be needed in diagnosing your problem. Some of these tests can be performed right in the office or clinics though some will require you to go elsewhere, such as a hospital or laboratory.

Treatment can include exercises, injected medications, oral medicines, surgery, arthroscopy, casts or devices to help with proper alignment. You may be prescribed multiple treatments, such as exercises and oral medications, and if those treatments do not work, alternate treatments such as a surgery may be required.

Credentials of Podiatrists
Podiatrists have to go to a four-year podiatric medical school and receive a D.P.M (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) degree. Before they can go to podiatric school, they must at least have a bachelor’s degree. Typically, post-graduate training is also required for a residency program in order to become licensed. Some states have other licensing requirements, as well.

How To Find Them
You may have been referred to a podiatrist by your general doctor and may use any that he recommends. You can also search online for a podiatrist that you will feel comfortable with, as friends and family or ask other health care providers.

A foot and ankle clinic in Kenosha, WI can help with many different problems and conditions.

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