Choosing the Right Surrogate Mother to Have Your Child

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Surrogate Mothers

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Surrogate mothers California are plentiful, so prospective parents can really take their time in deciding who would be the best person to have their baby since they have so many choices of available women. Using an agency for surrogacy services is probably the best route to take, because they streamline the process to where it is incredibly simple. They will allow prospective parents to view photos and other information about surrogacy mothers who are available, and they will also allow surrogate mothers to view information about prospective parents. If one or the other likes a particular candidate, then the agency can try to pair up a match to get parents with a surrogate mother that they are happy with.

Overcoming the Fear of Surrogacy

Most people are scared when they first begin the process of surrogacy, but the majority of these people find that the experience isn’t as bad as they thought it would be. They find that it is actually rewarding and joyful rather than an experience of stress and sadness. Surrogate mothers know what they are getting into when they sign up to be a surrogate mother, so they are better able to deal with the emotional aspect of things since they know what to expect. Parents and the surrogate mother often build a solid relationship, and they share each and every aspect of the pregnancy. Some of these people become friends for life, and in some cases surrogate mothers even visit the child after it is born. Many surrogate births are completely open, while the relationship ends in other cases. It really boils down to how the surrogacy contract reads. The great thing about the process is that parents and surrogate mothers can negotiate for open or closed, and the agency will try to pair them with a match that shares their values and preferences.

Knowing What to Expect in Regards to the Birth Certificate

If a traditional surrogacy is selected, then the surrogate mother will be listed on the birth certificate along with the father until the prospective mother files for adoption of the child as a stepparent. Many couples do not want to go through this hassle, so they opt for gestational surrogacy. This process takes the sperm of the father and eggs from the prospective mother to implant them into the surrogate mother through the use of IVF. This can be quite expensive, but it ensures that both parents will be biological parents to the child, and it means that they can both be listed on the birth certificate when the baby is born as long as they file a petition in court when the surrogate mother is in her last trimester of pregnancy.


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