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by | Jan 17, 2019 | Dentist

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It’s really good to know the entire family can visit the same dentist, even though they are many years apart in age. Each person, no matter his age, deserves a comforting atmosphere and a gentle touch during dental treatments.

This is exactly the kind of treatment you’ll receive when you visit one of the Dentists in Kona residents recommend so highly. Along with a comforting office, patients look forward to visiting a dentist who has command of the dental situation and who knows exactly what he is doing because of the ongoing training and experience he has gotten over the years.

A patient wants to have the best procedures performed that will create a wonderful smile. One procedure includes a one hour teeth whitening treatment that doesn’t hurt or cause sensitivity to the teeth. This is a very affordable way to walk out of the office smiling at the world. Children often have teeth that come in crooked or in behind their front teeth, so the dentist will talk to the parents and devise his plan for straightening them. Beginning alignment of the child’s teeth early on, is the key. There are also braces called FastBraces that do just that. Straightening of the teeth is seen in just months in these types of braces.

For missing teeth, there is a relatively new procedure called dental implants, that are excellent for those who have lost teeth, or want implants instead of dentures or bridges. The titanium implants attach and grow into the bone in the patient’s mouth with a crown attached when fully healed. For those who are candidates for them, eating and chewing will be much more satisfactory as they are strong and durable, just as though they were your own teeth.

When you need a filling, who wants a mercury filling? No one. The filling material used today is a natural looking color, blending with the color of your teeth. When you are in full laughter, no one will see silver fillings, only natural colored, metal free fillings. The Center for Disease Control places standards on procedures of sterilization that need to be taken to ensure the safety of all patients receiving treatment at the dentist’s office. Your dentist will adhere to these antiseptic procedures, creating the safest environment for your family. Visit the website for more information.

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