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Chiropractic in Sullivan County NY: What to Expect When You Go In for an Examination

For back pain, the chiropractic examination is usually a three-part process involving consultation, case history and physical examination. Sometimes, a professional may require an x-ray and laboratory analysis to be performed.

In most regards, the Chiropractic service in Sullivan County NY examination is similar to regular examinations carried out by other health care providers. However, chiropractors will narrow their examination to the function and structure of your spine to determine the best chiropractic treatment for your specific conditions.


In the first step, consultation, you will meet with your chiropractor and provide him or her with a brief on the symptoms you are experiencing. Some of the things you should mention include:

* The frequency and duration of your symptoms

* Whether your symptoms are throbbing or burning

* Areas where you experience the most pain

* What activities you do that make the pain better; for example, stretching or sitting

* What makes your pain worse; for example, lifting or standing

Your Case History

The chiropractor will then seek to find out the specific areas that are causing you pain by asking questions delving into your personal medical history. Some of the questions you should expect involve:

* Your family history

* Your dietary habits

* Other treatments you have received in the past

* More about your job

* As well as other areas related to the responses you give to the questions above

The Physical Examination

Your chiropractor will make use of various methods in order to determine what spinal segments require chiropractic treatments. Some of the methods used include motion and static palpation techniques that will aid in the determination of hypo-mobile spinal segments.

The results achieved from the examination might require using other diagnostic tests including:

* X-rays to determine the location of an altered vertebra position (subluxations)

* Use of specialized devices for the detection of skin temperature along the para-spinal region

At Advanced Health and Medical, experts in chiropractic in Sullivan County NY, you will get a holistic approach to the treatment of the bipedal structure. The biochemical concept is vital for the balancing out of the structure all the way from your feet upward and to the rest of your body.