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by | Dec 18, 2015 | Health

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Women, especially mothers, find themselves becoming very self-conscious of their chest. It seems the older women get the worse their opinion of their chest gets. We are our own worst critic and it’s no different here. Women are always comparing themselves to other women they know and see. They want the perfect chest. They don’t necessarily want Dolly Parton large breasts, but they want a decent size that is fitting to their body without any sagging. Moms tend to have more sagging and their breasts also become smaller after they have children and are done breastfeeding. They just aren’t happy with their breasts. There’s no magic pill out there to help women with what they feel are flaws with their breasts. This is why the popularity of plastic surgery in Houston is on a constant rise.

The Popularity of Breast Implants

Many women do consider just getting a breast lift, but then realize they can get both the breast implant and lift to provide them with the full look they want for their breasts. Breast implants only require a short operating time and patients recover quickly. The risk of complications during the procedure is minimal. More than 2 million women around the world have had breast implants and have been satisfied with the procedure and their results, which goes to show the true popularity of breast implants.

The Two Commonly Used Types of Breast Implants

While many people feel breast implants is a very common procedure, there are options involved. Many of the practices that perform plastic surgery in Houston use one of the two common procedures. Many practices actually perform both and leave the decision making up to the patient. First, there’s the prefilled breast implants. These are a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel. Then, there’s also the inflatable breast implants. These are inserted empty and then filled with saline. These are popular because they require a smaller incision with being inserted empty.

Given the advantages and options available to patients, it’s no wonder many women with insecurities about their chest are considering breast implants as a viable choice. Women who get breast implants find themselves more confident and feeling better about themselves. A happy woman is a happy life for those around her. Given that reality, some men even choose to give their wives the gift of breast implants. If your chest size isn’t what you want it to be, consider breast implants to get yourself to feeling good again.

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