Benefits of Gastric Band in Texarkana, TX

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Health

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Gastric bypass is becoming a thing of the past being quickly replaced by gastric band surgery. Gastric Band in Texarkana, TX is a shorter, less invasive, and fully reversible procedure that requires less recovery time. The gastric band can also be adjusted as needed to widen or decrease the stomach opening. It also offers very little risk of complications during surgery.

Gastric Band in Texarkana, TX utilized a band made out of silicon to make a little pouch above the stomach. This pouch becomes a new much smaller stomach, which allows patients to fill up on substantially less food about half the amount they use to eat. This allows obese patients to lose weight lose weight at a consistent, slow, and healthy rate. There are many benefits this band can offer patients. It offers weight loss that can be customized to suit each persons needs. A port can be inserted allowing a surgeon to be able to easily add or remove saline to change the size of the newly created stomach. This procedure is a completely reversible procedure unlike gastric bypass.

It offers many benefits over tummy tucks, gastric bypass, and liposuction such as:

      *      Less scarring

      *      Less time needed for recovery

      *      No stapling

      *      Does not change anatomy of the body

      *      Fewer risks and side effects

      *      Patients still digest food as they normally would just slower which allows them to feel fuller longer

      *      Can be adjusted easily

      *      The stomach returns to normal once the band is removed

It is also much less invasive than a gastric bypass, only requiring small incisions to be made into the abdomen. The weight loss obtained from gastric band surgery can help patients overcome many health related issues caused by obesity including back pain, depression, diabetes, infertility, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. Once you reach your goal weight and the band is removed, continuing to maintain a healthy diet is a must. If you live in the Texarkana area and have been struggling with obesity, look into Freedom From Obesity Surgical Specialists to find out what medical procedure they offer for your situation. Losing weight now could save your life.



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