Benefits of AED

by | May 22, 2013 | Healthcare

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Automate external defibrillator has been a boon for American homes all throughout. Heart diseases have risen alarmingly and more and more are being saved, thanks to the AED. Until a few decades back, only reputed hospitals could afford a defibrillator. But thanks to the amazing advancement in the technology, now we have portable defibrillators – or AEDs. They help to get your heart back in a working during a cardiac arrest. With an AED, one sends a powerful charge of electricity that will shut it down completely and the heart will come back to normal.

There are number of reasons why you must have AEDs in almost every American home. In US, death due to hearth diseases are pretty high  and a huge chunk of them die outside the hospitals. In such situation, one can only imagine the benefit it would do to those who install an AED at his/her house. AED tremendously helps during a cardiac arrest, although it doesn’t have any other function to do in case of heart diseases. AEDs are needed in case of a condition called ventricular fibrillation. Here, when the lower chambers of the heart begin to act weird and this puts additional pressure on the heart and stops the blood flow to other parts of the body. This is fatal.

Modern defibrillators are automated, meaning you don’t need to have the actual education about the heart. All you need to do is just plug it in and the machine will monitor the heart to decide on whether the patient needs the charge or not. With so many deaths occurring due to sudden cardiac arrests, having AEDs will definitely help many.

Now you need to find the right company that will be able to provide you with a good quality AED. In such situations, you need to look for the right kind of information about the company. Ensure that the company is highly experienced in manufacturing and servicing AEDs. This ensures that you will get the best one with the latest technology going in to making it. Also, ensure that the company has a good reputation at the BBB or Better Business Bureau. This will ensure that you get the defibrillator from one of the most reputed manufacturers in town.When it comes finding a good quality and reliable AED,many will find the above tips to be helpful. Buy an AED today and save your family.


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