An Eye Doctor in Jacksonville, TN Helps Their Patients See Clearly

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Eye Care

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People see their Best Eye Doctor in Jacksonville for a variety of reasons. They may just need to get a new prescription for their eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, the eye examination that their doctor conducts will pick up any eye health problems that they should be aware of. In younger patients, this could indicate that they have diabetes or high blood pressure. There is even a protein that can signal a person might have colon cancer.

As patients age it’s even more important that they visit Best Eye Doctor in Jacksonville on a regular basis. While younger patients can often visit every two years, it’s recommended that older patients see their eye doctor every year. Older patients often fear a macular degeneration diagnosis. Given the lack of treatment options that’s understandable. However, there is some indication that diet and exercise can slow down the progression.

Cataracts are a more common problem for older people. These can be diagnosed by an Eye Doctor Jacksonville early and for years nothing has to be done about them. Once they have ripened and are ready to be removed, this is a simple procedure. It’s normally done on an outpatient basis. The patient can return to normal duty within two days. It isn’t recommended that they drive the next day, because of the light anesthesia that’s used.

For many people a trip to the Eye Doctor in Jacksonville means that they can get a new pair of glasses. This is certainly important because an outdated pair of glasses can make people look older and less fashionable. However, stretching their arms as long as possible to read a restaurant menu also makes them look older. There are several new kinds of progressive eyeglass lenses that will help people read a menu and see across the room.

Some older people believe that they have to stop wearing contact lenses when they need progressive lenses. Fortunately there are contact lenses that allow people do to the same thing. One eye reads the newspaper, the other drives the car. The brain can combine this image and the person isn’t even aware of it.

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