An Explanation of a Tummy Tuck

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Health

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A tummy tuck is otherwise known as an ‘abdominoplasty’ and is a cosmetic surgical procedure that takes excess fat from the abdomen area and tightens what is left. The procedure to remove excess skin usually involves cutting a certain amount of flesh and fat from the abdominal area and sewing the two sides back up, effectively ‘tucking in’ the join. The size of the cut is usually from hip to help just above the pubic region and the naval is cut from the surrounding area. The excess flesh is removed and then area is sewn up, with the naval being replaced in a new position, when needed. The patient will then be required to wear compression bandages for a time until the healing process is successful. That is generally the way that a complete abdominoplasty is performed but there is a partial procedure that involves less cutting and faster recovery times. This results in a smaller incision and the skin is stretch downward as the excess fat is removed. Muscle fascia walls can be tightened by the surgeon during this procedure, too. The liposuction used can tighten the abdominal area and contour the stomach zone.

Risk and Recovery

As with all surgery an abdominoplasty is not without its risks. If you have a reputable surgeon they will advise you beforehand that there are risks involved and they will determine whether you wish to proceed or not. Some people find out that they have a previous existing medical complaint that could effectively do them more harm so they may do to their doctor for a physical exam beforehand to ascertain their eligibility. Many weight loss surgeon will work in conjunction with a primary care giver to make sure that risks are kept to the absolute minimum. One of the main issue surrounding this type of operation I blood infection or clots but these do occur very rarely.

Recovery time usually depends on the type of surgery involved. If a patient has a full and complete abdominoplasty they can expect to take longer than a partial. However, if a person has previous issues with health they may take even longer than expected to recover because of issues they have or medicines they are currently taking.

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