All about Marietta Tummy Tuck Procedures

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Health

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Marietta tummy tuck is an effective treatment for people with excessive skin in the abdominal region. After having children or losing weight significantly, you may notice excessive accumulation of skin on the stomach. This skin is loose and sometimes frustrating for individuals because it does not disappear even after exercising and taking strict dietary measures.

Some people despite being in their best shapes have flaps comprising of excessive skin on this region. Undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, commonly known as abdominoplasty can help you address problems such as extra abdominal skin, weak stomach muscles as well as stretch marks.

Tummy tucks procedures both traditional and mini tummy tuck procedures are possible to perform on the basis of outpatients. However, an extended operation is performed on the basis of inpatients and it requires the patient to stay in the hospital for at least a night.

During your Marietta tummy tuck procedure, general anesthesia will be used for an operation that takes about 2 to 3 hours. This ensures the comfort and safety of the patient. The surgeon makes an incision below the line of the underwear. This ensures that the scar that results from the operation is hidden when wearing a low-rise jeans or bathing suit.

They tummy tuck type that you undergo will determine the length of your incision. Your surgeon will explain to you about different tummy tuck procedures and help you in determining the best one for you.

During consultation with the surgeon, you will be informed about different tummy tuck procedures including the following:

* Traditional tummy tuck: Traditional tummy tuck is effective for individuals with some fat and excess skin confined in the upper and lower abdomen.

* Mini tummy tuck: This procedure is effective for individuals who have some fat and excess sagging skin confined in their lower abdomen below their belly button.

* Extended tummy tuck: The procedure is appropriate for patients with excessive fat and skin extending to their lower back and flank region. It is effective for patients who have fat and loose skin that are not confined in the lower part of the central abdomen.

The muscles are tightened after making the incision and separating the abdominal muscles from the skin. The skin is also reshaped and excessive skin removed permanently giving the patient a tone, flat appearance. Stretch marks occurring on lower stomach are also eliminated through the removal of the skin that is affected by the unsightly scars.

Marietta tummy tuck procedure might be suitable for you if you have loose skin and excessive fat in your abdominal region.

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