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by | Feb 27, 2013 | Senior Health

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Home caregiving involves a person who provides daily assistance to those who have mental disabilities or those who are elderly and cannot take proper care of themselves on their own. In part, this helps to prevent the individuals who require assistance from ending up in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, where their independence can become compromised. A person involved in home caregiving can either be an employee of an agency that provides such services, or can be someone who works on their own.

A caregiver can perform numerous tasks that may need to be done around the home of person requiring assistance. They can clean, do laundry, provide meals, help with the care of any pets, provide personal assistance such as bathing, and much more. Their primary role is to ensure that the person being assisted continues to lead a safe and sanitary life and is able to remain in their own home. A caregiver also provides companionship for a person who may otherwise not have much in the way of social contact. A caregiver must be the sort of person who genuinely enjoys helping those in need, no matter what the task may be.

Home caregiving also requires the caregiver to be in good physical and mental shape. It can be a stressful role to play, but the caregiver needs to remain capable of making quick decisions in the event of an emergency or a medical problem. Additionally, their duties can sometimes be similar to that of a maid or a personal assistant. They can expect to be on their feet for long periods of time, with days where they spend a good deal of time away from the home doing things like shopping or going to the post office. In some cases, they may also need to know how to do minor medical tasks such as checking vital signs or ensuring any medications are given properly and at the correct time every day.

At a minimum, someone involved in home caregiving should be a high school graduate and have no criminal background whatsoever. However, those who are serious about the profession will also take college courses that can give them a much more in-depth understanding of the job and make them more competitive when seeking employment through a caregiving agency. Some agencies may actually require additional training as a requirement for employment. As well, a caregiver needs to have a naturally good personality and a willingness to work hard should the situation require it.

Home caregiving can be a rewarding career for those who want to help others, and can become a mutually rewarding situation for the person who is in need of help. And in lots of cases, the caregiver and the client can become genuine friends for life.

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