Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Invisalign Annapolis in Aligning Crooked Teeth

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Dentist

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Smile is always our best asset since it greatly improves a person’s general physical appearance. A well aligned set of teeth helps you look beautiful. However, some people find it embarrassing to smile or even to speak during social conversations because they have crooked teeth. They would rather sit in the corner feeling shy and just cover their teeth with their handkerchief or with their bare hands when they laugh. Having crooked teeth is really a big factor why some people have low self esteem and low self-confidence. They always think that other people will mock them for having bad teeth. That is why they try to detach themselves from other people, especially strangers, and just choose to spend the day with close friends and families. They hesitate to join in a big group or in a party thinking that people will just laugh at them.

According to some research, teeth alignment trouble is hereditary which means that it runs in families.  Others have had secondary or acquired teeth and jaw problems due to injuries and accidents that have left them with permanent teeth damage. Still others have dental problem because of tooth decay.

Recent advancements in technology have made possible the invention of Invisalign Annapolis. This breakthrough has led to a drastic improvement on the more conventional metal braces. As a matter of fact, people wearing metal braces are a rarity in today’s dental community. The phasing out of the traditional braces amongst adults is due to the introduction of Invisalign Annapolis. This new dental technology works the same as braces but without the awkward look common with conventional braces. In a nutshell, Invisalign is a teeth aligner, which is transparent and detachable and is used by orthodontists, a dentist who specializes in treating and managing teeth and jaw alignment issues. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of using Invisalign.

Using Invisalign Annapolis to align crooked teeth and jaws is advantageous because it is customized to suit your mouth’s unique structure, thus ensuring complete comfort. Once you visit an orthodontist and they recommend Invisalign, images of your teeth and jaw structure are sent to a dental laboratory where they are used to make aligners that perfectly fit your mouth. You are also given projected images of how you will look once the whole procedure is finished which greatly motivates you to wear your Invisalign.

As mentioned earlier, the reason why Invisalign Annapolis is preferred by many adults is because it is invisible. So, nobody will notice even if you wear this brace. You can go to work or school without having to worry about accustoming yourself with use of metallic braces. Another advantage of Invisalign is that it is not fitted permanently. You can always remove it if you need to especially when brushing teeth or eating. However, compared to old braces, Invisalign aligners are adjusted and changed more often as the teeth change their position. Each individual’s case is unique, meaning that some patients may require Invisalign for a longer period of time to get the desired result. The average period of time for wearing Invisalign is 2 to 8 weeks

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