Adding Mechanical Features to Your Home for Your Elderly Loved One’s Safety

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Medical Supplies

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When an elderly loved one moves in with you, you have to transform your house to make it safer and more accessible for this relative. Along with installing safety bars in the bathroom and a ramp on the front stoop for the person’s wheelchair or walker, you also have to install mechanical fixtures to help this person go from one level of the house to the other.

Because you realize that you and others in the family will not always be on hand to lift up the person or his or her mobility device up a flight of stairs, you want to invest in additions that will do this job for you. With a platform lift in Los Angeles, CA, you can provide a safe means for your aging loved one to go up and down stairs every day.

Professional Installation

When you decide to install a platform lift in Los Angeles, CA, you want to have it professionally designed and put into your house. Installing one of these lifts can be difficult if you were to rely on your own set of mechanical skills. You may not even have the tools or equipment on hand to put in the platform.

A professional installer can measure the place in your home where the lift will go. He or she will then install the lift on the side of your stairwell or on the front porch where you need to provide access to your relative.

The installer will likewise ensure that the lift is capable of accommodating the weight of your relative and his or her mobility device. It will be put through a test run to guarantee its safety and good use.

You can find out more about putting in platform lifts online. Contact Call Before You Fall visiting the website.

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