A Veterinary Pharmacy that Cares

by | May 31, 2012 | Healthcare

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A veterinary pharmacy is more than a drug supplier. Veterinary pharmacists dispense a number of drugs for different species of animals, both domestic and exotic. A great deal of care goes into making sure that those drugs are effective and safe.

Making Medicines Palatable to Animals
The main goal of a veterinary pharmacist is to not only supply the drugs that animals need, but do so in a form that pets will take. This may include chewable tablets, droppers with a liquid medicine, or medicated treats. A veterinary pharmacy deals with the challenges that come with delivering vital drugs to the animals who need them the most.

Compounding Drugs with Care
One function of a veterinary pharmacy may include drug compounding, a practice used by many pharmacies for humans as well. Compounding is the act of mixing drugs into a unique formula most suited for the patient. A human may be able to tell you all of their symptoms and the care that they require, but to know what an animal needs most, you will need the expert opinion of a veterinarian. A veterinary pharmacy can work closely with the animal care professional you use for your pets to compound the right combination of drugs for treatment. This can include increasing or decreasing dosages, choosing the form in which the compound will be delivered, or altering the compound to be delivered intravenously.

Keeping Farm Animals in Good Health
Pet care is important, but it is farm animals that are often exposed to conditions for which a veterinary pharmacy may have solutions. Due to their exposure to the elements, parasites, and one another, farm animals have a much higher chance of developing disease than other domesticated animals. Those who are used for labor may be at an increased risk as well depending on the season and the amount of other animals that they are exposed to. A veterinary pharmacy will be key for keeping all animals on a farm safe and able to work by providing the right medications and method of delivery for those medications.

Animal Care, Over the Counter
Just as a regular pharmacist provides over the counter drugs, a veterinary pharmacy has a supply of safe, federally approved drugs that can be purchased for animal care. The most common over the counter products are flea and tick control medicines, but you may also be able to find pain relief and antibacterial medicines for an animal as well. A veterinary pharmacy can answer your questions about drug interactions as well.

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