A Sneak Peek on Chiropractor Services in Portland

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Chiropractic

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Chiropractor services are in great demand today. Our modern lifestyles expose us to some situations that affect the well-being of our skeletal, muscular and nervous system. Generally, chiropractors belong to the category of people who have received training on alternative medicine. This means that the treatment you receive does not require surgery or the use of drugs. All the same, where a chiropractor is unable to deal with your problem, he will naturally refer you to a specialist. This category of professionals specializes on disorders that affect the spine. However, there are other services in between. Below is a look at Chiropractor services in Portland OR residents can seek for:

1. General chiropractor services: These chiropractors deal with skeletal and muscular problems, how they affect your nerves and your general health. In some cases, it might involve the chiropractor manipulating your spine in order to relieve the pain. Alternatively, you may be put through a series of exercises geared towards getting your spine back to its original strength. In addition, general chiropractors’ advice patients on the right kinds of food to eat as well as how to deal with stress. In case there is need to correct your posture, you might have to use braces or straps.

2. Specialist chiropractor services: As the name suggests, such chiropractors focus on areas like nutrition, pediatrics or injuries arising from sporting activities. A pediatric chiropractor dedicates his/her career to children. Specialization means that in as much as you received the same training as others, you will require additional tuition on courses designed for the field one is pursuing. The nature and intensity of injury will usually determine the kind of specialist you will be referred to.

3. Therapy services: The spine is an important part of the skeletal system. You depend on it for walking, using your hands, finger and head movement among others. Severe injury to the spine can result in partial or total paralysis of the body. In this line of treatment, you will come across chiropractors who use therapy. Examples include massage, electrotherapy and acupuncture. Therapy helps relieve pressure on muscles leading to improved blood circulation.

4. Chiropractor services Portland OR are easily accessible. You only need to know where to look and how to go about narrowing your search. You can use the Internet for this purpose as most chiropractors advertise here. Most have set up websites where prospective patients can browse and learn about their services. It is advisable to look for a chiropractor who is located near where you live. That way, your injured friend or relative doesn’t have to walk or be driven over a long distance. Remember to look into the cost as well. Always opt for something you can afford.


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