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A Simple Guide to Buying Quality Gym Bags

Trips to the gym can be very rewarding, especially when you start to notice results. Sculpting your body, testing your limits and meeting new friends are just a few benefits associated with getting your membership. Before you slip on your gym shoes and fill up your water bottle, it’s important to keep your possessions safe, clean and hidden inside gym bags.

Available from online retailers, department stores and sporting goods stores, gym bags can be acquired in an array of sizes, styles and materials. Gym sacks, strap bags, backpacks and duffel bags are a few examples of the options you can choose from. Make your money stretch further by focusing on the pouches, compartments and breathability before making a purchase.


Functionality really is everything when you shop for gym bags. The bag you choose should be large and designed with enough compartments for you to be able to separate clean clothes from dirty with ease. Opt for one that is spacious but not too big to fit into a gym locker, and if you tend to sweat a lot when working out, look for a bag that features a waterproof section for wet clothes. Some bags are made with expandable sections, which allow them to double in size for those times when you need more room for your belongings.

Storage Space

Write a list of the things you usually take to the gym before buying gym bags. Some necessities include a water bottle, pair of shoes, high-protein snack bars and workout clothes. Rucksacks are a worthwhile choice, because they are design-conscious in detail and feature numerous compartments for all of your little bits and bobs. Barrel bags are usually designed with one side pocket and a large main section, making them suitable for fitness fanatics with lots of gear.


It’s easy for gym bags to become damp from sweat, wet swimwear, leaking bottles, etc. To prevent yours from getting damaged, look for long-lasting materials, like cotton or nylon. Easy to wash, these fabrics are available in a wide range of colours and can be tossed in the wash. Although leather is an attractive and durable material, it is known to absorb scents, which could leave the bag smelling unpleasant over time. Instead, opt for a bag with a leather strap.