A Massage Therapist In Cedar Rapids Iowa Can Help To Improve Your Health

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Massage Therapy

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People today are looking for more holistic approaches to improving their health without the use of prescription medication. Massage therapy is one of the best things to help chronic pain, stress, and improve the blood flow to injured areas of the body. A Massage Therapist in Cedar Rapids Iowa can relieve stress and tension from working at a desk all day that the shoulders and neck can develop or they can help to improve the blood flow to a damaged muscle to increase the body’s healing power after an accident. Painful muscles can reduce an individual’s ability to enjoy their daily activities of life by limiting their mobility and making them irritable.

Always Ill?

When an individual is constantly ill, it could be a sign their lymphatic system could be congested and does not have the capability of fighting off bacteria or viruses. Massage therapy enhances the immune system by stimulating the flow through lymph nodes and increases the body’s defense against infection. This can help to decrease the amount of medication an individual needs to take to rid their body of infection.

Lower Back Pain

Low-back pain is a common complaint of many individuals and taking over-the-counter medications, or prescription medication can be harmful or addictive to the human body. A Massage Therapist in Cedar Rapids Iowa can reduce the pain and inflammation in the lower back and improve an individual’s range of motion and joint flexibility. Individuals that are currently on muscle relaxers or pain medication can usually reduce the amount they need to take to relieve the pain.

Depression And Anxiety

In today’s complex world, depression and anxiety are very common, and prescription medication isn’t always necessary to reduce them. Massage therapy gives an individual the ability to relax and let go of the stressors that are causing the depression or anxiety. An individual has an opportunity to focus on themselves through the relaxation techniques the therapist will use including proper breathing techniques.

If you’re interested in an alternative method for pain relief, anxiety, depression, and flexibility without the use of prescription medication, massage therapy can help. For more information, please contact us today.

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