A Genius Way to Enjoy the Healing Properties of Plants for Vitality and Health

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Health

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We know Hildegard von Bingen lived a long and richly accomplished life ( 1098 – 1179). Among all of her historical contributions, she is perhaps best known for her compositions of the most-recorded sacred music in modern times. We also know her as a writer, philosopher, polymath, visionary, Benedictine abbess, and among the formative thinkers in scientific natural history. Her philosophy of nutrition and health form the cornerstone of holistic health and wellness today.


Just as Hildegard von Bingen employed elegant balance in her study of musical composition, she considered the same solution for good health in finding harmony and ease in our bodies. Hildegard understood accomplishing harmony and balance required attention and discipline. Ironically, the ease we seek in living in balance comes with an awareness. The reward for our effort comes in the form of renewed vitality and a sense of well-being.

One of the paradoxes of life is that when our bodies fall out of balance, for reasons including poor diet and stress, we often try to find the remedy by falling back to the very things that contributing to imbalance. Thus, we find ourselves stuck in a cycle of self-medicating with noxious substances.


We can integrate the teachings of Hildegard von Bingen readily into our health practices by employing herbal-based remedies. Consider the Pellitory Plant, which Hildegard referred to as Bertram, and what we know in Ayurveda as Akarkara. Pellitory, not to be confused with Pellitory of the Wall, is believed to bestow the gifts of improved digestion, absorption of nutrients, easement of arthritis discomfort, and comforting of gum and mouth distress.

Contemporary studies have linked the Pellitory Plant with enhanced libido, mood, memory, and mental energy. These are also the factors that Hildegard recognized, and which remain prized of Pellitory in Ayurvedic remedies.

Well-Being Through the Teachings of Hildegard von Bingen

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