5 Tips for Anxiety Self Treatment in New Jersey

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Health

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A little anxiety can be a real pain and it can give you a nudge, elbowing you forward to attain your goals. However, too much of it can induce panic, paralyze your progress and cause you to concentrate on negative thoughts. About 19 percent of all Americans undergo such severe anxiety. Here are 5 not-so obvious self help techniques for treating anxiety.

1. Set up a structure

Idle time can lead to over thinking and even over magnifying. In other words, whenever, you are not busy or stimulated, you will most likely concentrate on trivial things and start obsessing over them. So, you should have a daily log for planning your day and list healthy activities in it.

2. Tackle your distorted thoughts

Believe it or not, often times, anxiety originates from our thoughts. Those who struggle with anxiety usually speak in absolutes as a reflection of what’s on their mind. You will hear them use terms like never, should, always, must, everyone and no one. These thoughts are not realistic and it’s worth noting that nearly everything in life can be negotiable. Insecurity-driven thoughts are the triggers of these absolute terms.

To deal with this, you should detect these distorted thoughts and see how much stress they can cause you. You should then attempt to replace such thoughts with balanced ones. Keep practicing and with time, the balanced thoughts will become automatic.

3. Relinquish control

Most of us usually try to control life so as to feel secure and less vulnerable. Some issues in life are totally beyond our control and learning that you can’t control them will give you peace. Realizing this fact is the key to overcoming anxiety. You can visit a professional psychology for guidance on this anxiety self treatment in New Jersey.

4. Trust yourself

Self trust can be defined as your ability to believe you can handle anything life throws at you. Trusting yourself implies dismantling insecurity and study shows everyone can achieve this. Even if circumstances seem challenging or a task seems difficult, you need to convince yourself that you can handle the situation. Soon, you will realize that you can handle life more spontaneously, as it comes and not abstractly within your mind before anything occurs.

Stop being a people-pleaser

Depending on others for approval can cause anxiety. To nip this in the bud, pay close attention to the way you interact with others and the times you do things to please them. For example, when do you give a yes to someone yet you wish to say no? Start heightening your awareness and gradually start changing your behavior. In the end, you’ll realize people don’t actually give a damn just like a professional anxiety self help treatment in New Jersey would tell you.

Are you going through stress, pain, anxiety and self expression issues? You don’t have to go through it all alone and it can end.

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