5 Reasons It Is Critical To Have Primary Care Physician For Adult Health Care In Barnesville, GA

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Health

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In the United States, health care is often focused on specialists and hospitals. However, adults must also have a primary care physician. Individuals who have a primary care doctor have overall better care experiences. Read on to find out why it is critical to have a primary care physician for Adult Health Care in Barnesville GA.

Routine Illness Care

Primary care physicians are often the first point of contact for a patient. When a person develops a cough or a fever, the first place they go is to a primary care physician. Additionally, a primary care physician has considerable knowledge about health care and can discuss many issues during one visit.

Chronic Disease Management

Many chronic diseases are relatively common. For example, millions of adults live with diabetes. A primary care doctor monitors the progression of chronic illnesses and makes suggestions to manage them. Some offices have websites, like www.imgriffin.com, that can be accessed by patients so they can view their medical records. This access helps a patient and primary care doctor stay on the same page, resulting in higher-quality care.

A Sense Of Familiarity

Some medical conditions can be challenging to discuss. A primary care physician is someone a person works with over many years. This long-standing relationship results in a level of comfort between the doctor and patient, allowing the patient to discuss otherwise embarrassing medical problems. It is best to work with a primary care doctor that is part of a larger office, like those at Internal Medicine of Griffin. This way, if a person is ill and their primary care physician is not available, the patient records can be accessed by another physician on staff.

Routine Health Screenings

An essential part of Adult Health Care in Barnesville GA is getting regular screenings for diseases such as cancer, hypertension, or diabetes. A primary care doctor keeps a record of the patient’s past care in addition to keeping them on a schedule for future care. With all of this information, primary care physicians can identify major health conditions early, possibly saving a person’s life.

Find A Doctor Now

Health care shouldn’t be about guesswork and ER visits. The benefits of having a primary care physician are clear. Routine medical care results in fewer illnesses and a personalized healthcare experience.

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