3 Signs That’s It’s Time to Get a Root Canal

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Dentist

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A dental canal is a procedure used to remove the pulp, the hollow center of a tooth, if it’s damaged or infected. Nevertheless, many people don’t know the appropriate time to get a dental canal. To help you out, here are common signs that it’s time to see a root canal dentist.

1. Dying Teeth

It’s time to see a root canal dentist in Dallas if one or more of your teeth are dying. Dying teeth may appear black, gray, light brown or even yellow. Although your tooth’s outer layer is made up of hard material, the inner part comprises soft tissues. When they get infected, these tissues can kill your tooth. Conducting a root canal to remove the affected teeth and pulp stops the infection from spreading.

2. Severe Pain

Infection or decay can enter the pulp, which has numerous nerves and blood vessels. An attack on these nerves and vessels will cause severe pain, especially when biting and chewing. A dentist will conduct a root canal to remove the infected pulp and then add fillings to restore your tooth’s cosmetic appearance and function.

3. Correct Bad Filling

You should see root canal dentist Dallas if you have poor dental filing results. A root canal dentist can conduct a root canal to remove the bad fillings and refill the space.

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