3 Benefits of Cognitive Functional Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Child Care Agency

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Learning that you or your child may benefit from physical therapy can feel overwhelming. Oftentimes, people believe that the recommendation is an indication of some type of personal failure. In reality, life is challenging, and some people may not be equipped with the tools that are needed to be emotionally and physically healthy. One technique that is proven effective for adults and children is cognitive functioning therapy, and here are three benefits of this approach.

  1. Flexibility

Over the past few decades, therapists have learned that the “one size fits all” approach to physiotherapy is not effective. With cognitive functioning therapy for Philadelphia, PA, adults, and children, the treatment plan is developed based on the unique characteristics of each person. The therapist determines strengths, challenges, interests, and other aspects that more effectively engage you in the process.

  1. Focus on Well-Being

Traditional approaches to physiotherapy focus only on managing the symptoms of the condition. With cognitive functioning therapy, the goal is to help you feel better emotionally and physically. The therapist helps you identify barriers that impede your progress and quality of life, then you learn new tools and techniques that can be applied every day.

  1. Evidence Based Therapy

Any type of therapy that you undergo, whether it is emotional or physical in nature, should be based on sound scientific research. Cognitive functioning therapy, although relatively new, has been extensively studied in research settings. This provides you with peace of mind well-being is in good hands when you work with a therapist who specializes in cognitive functioning therapy in Philadelphia, PA.

Learn More About Cognitive Functioning Therapy

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