Stem Cells and the Wonderful World of Regenerative Medicine

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Health

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For years, scientists, neurologists and physicians have studied the connections between stem cells and regeneration within the human body. Why? What role does the typical stem cell play when it comes to regenerative medicine in Oakbrook Terrace, IL?

What Does the Stem Cell Do?

What exactly is the purpose of the stem cell? As one of the master cells in the human body, the stem cell can grow into any of the numerous cell types. A stem cell can divide throughout its life and help other cells to evolve that will become specialized to a high level as a result. The body can renew, rejuvenate and repair its own tissues primarily because of the power found within the stem cells. In addition to renewing themselves, the true power of stem cells comes from their ability to create brand new cells from scratch for their originating tissues.

How Stem Cells Benefit the World of Medicine

As mentioned above, stem cells play an integral role in the development of regenerative medicine in Oakbrook Terrace, IL due to their uncanny ability to regenerate as well as repair tissues that have been damaged for one reason or another.

This may seem like a “futuristic” concept that is only used and applied in science fiction movies. Contrary to popular belief, however, stem cells have already made waves in the realm of modern-day medicine. For instance, the standard bone marrow transplantation (a life-saving operation) is built on the cornerstones of powerful stem cells primarily because of their ability to repair the tissues damaged as a result.

There are still quite a few controversies, unanswered questions and even investigations being conducted around the world that specifically target the use of stem cells and stem cell therapies for regenerative medicine purposes – including the concept of transplanting the cells into a body part that has been damaged with the objective of growing and transitioning the tissue from damaged to healthy.

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