Prevention of Hayfever in Evansville IN

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Health

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Hay fever also known as allergic rhinitis is a very common allergic condition. In the U.S, it affects about eight percent of adults and up to ten percent of children under the age of 17. Although it tends to be more common in childhood, it can occur at any period. It is usually as a result of repeated inhaling of allergic materials. Its symptoms include runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, watering and itchy eyes, etc. One of the best ways to treat Hayfever in Evansville IN is to identify the triggering condition and take steps to avoid or nullify it. The key chemical which cause hay fever and allergic rhinitis is histamine. Individuals who suffer from or are prone to hay fever should stay indoors when pollen counts increase. This usually occurs at early evening and midmorning but may vary depending on wind direction and type of plant pollen.

The use of window fans should also be avoided. This is because they draw in molds and pollen into the house. It is recommended that sunglasses be worn when outdoors to reduce the quantity of pollen going into the eye. A pollen mask should also be worn when gardening, raking in leaves or mowing the lawn. Clothing should be hung indoors to prevent pollen from clinging to them.

Close the windows and always use air conditioning both at home and in the car. They filter the air and reduce the amount of pollen in the air. Mite-proof covers should be used for mattresses, box springs, duvets, and pillows. Bedding should be frequently washed with hot water. A dehumidifier should be used to keep the indoor humidity between thirty and fifty percent. Clean the kitchen, basement and bathrooms regularly. If there is mold, use a bleach solution and mild detergent to clean it. Instead of sweeping or dry-dusting, use a mop or damp rag to clean floors.

Since most allergens that cause hay fever are airborne, it may not be possible to completely avoid them. It is recommended that patients take appropriate medications to counteract its symptoms. Antihistamines are one of the most effective way to counteract the symptoms of hayfever. For more information on prevention and treatment of Hayfever in Evansville IN, please Click here.

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