Never Take The Chance And Always Get An X-Ray When You’re Not Sure

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Healthcare

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We can’t predict how you injured yourself, but we can use an example. Let’s assume you were playing tennis and you were approaching the net. As you approached, you stumbled over your own feet and began to fall. As you were falling, you placed your arms out to break your fall, which is a natural reaction, but since one of your hands was holding a tennis racket, you were unable to place your palm down the way you intended. This led to your wrist bending backward in an awkward manner, and with a lot of pressure on it. After the fall, you felt a great deal of pain in your wrist, and it wasn’t moving naturally. This is one of those situations where you need to find an X-Ray in Orange Park, FL.

Importance Of An X-Ray

Some people choose not to get an X-Ray after an injury like this, but that is a very bad idea. If you go through life with a fracture without knowing you have a fracture, then you’re going to do more damage in that area. In this case, it’s your wrist, which is something you use more than you realize throughout everyday life. Whether it’s your wrist or anywhere else, if you have an injury that feels like it could be a fracture, it’s imperative that you get an X-Ray in Orange Park.

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