Need Relief from Back Pain with Breast Reduction Surgery?

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Health

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Half the population of women suffers from intense back pain because of enlarged breasts. While most women do not want to endure surgery, breast reduction has been proven to balance the weight in the breasts to fully align the spine with a women’s frame. There are many centers around the United States who operate within the field of reducing stress on the spinal column due to tissue accumulating in the breasts causing the body to hunch over. Discovering breast reduction surgery in Chicago under the care of a professional cosmetic surgeon would be the right decision.

Is Breast Reduction Considered Cosmetic Surgery?

Yes, although breast reduction surgery is conducted in an orderly fashion. While extracting extra tissue from the breast, the surgeon will shape and balance the remaining tissue. Excess tissue can in time damage a woman’s frame based on weight and height. This can cause lower back problems and even nerve paralysis based on the compression that the spine is experiencing. Cosmetic surgery does not mean plastic surgery, in fact, cosmetic is attributed to the use of rebuilding the body to support the natural shape of a woman.

Can This Surgery Provide a Confidence Boost After Experiencing Back Pain?

Undergoing surgery is a healing process. Confidence is also a healing ordeal which can be benefited. Breast reduction surgery is meant to help a woman feel better about the concept of releasing painful compression upon the body. When one feels pressure on the back consistently, confidence surely drops and all one can think about is the pain being caused. After going through breast reduction surgery, there will be a sense of relief and the surgeon will reshape the breasts to a symmetrical alignment. Being able to feel better, healthy, and relief from back pain is essential to a long healthy life.

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