Comparing Boarding Services in GA

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Animal Health

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Multiple providers may offer Boarding Services GA, allowing pet owners to choose the one that best meets not only their needs but the needs of the pet. How should someone go about comparing these services? What do they need to be looking for to ensure their pet is cared for properly while they are away? Following are a few things to consider during this process.
What services are offered? Pet sitters, for example, come to the home and care for the pet, allowing him or her to stay in familiar surroundings. The pet sitter typically does not have formal training in veterinary medicine and may overlook certain medical issues unintentionally as a result. Some boarding services have the animal come to their home where they care for the pet while the owner is away. As with pet sitters, they may not have veterinary medicine training. A professional boarding service, in contrast, often has a vet on call and/or on the premises throughout the day. If a medical problem is detected, care can begin immediately.

As a pet owner goes to choose a facility, he or she also need to ensure the facility will maintain the pet’s current feeding program and schedule, and they will handle any medications the pet is required to take. How much exercise does the animal get and will they be allowed to engage with other pets being boarded in the same facility? Finally, do they have the proper insurance if something does go wrong? Pet owners cannot be too careful when it comes to making this selection, so the more questions that are asked, the more comfortable everyone will be.

When the time comes to select Boarding Services GA, look into Animal Hospital of Nesbit Ferry Crossing. This facility provides boarding services along with veterinary care and more. They spend time interacting with the animals they are boarding to ensure they are happy and well cared for. In addition, the staff works with pet owners to learn how to care for the pet as if he or she were in the comfort of their own home, feeding the animal the same food and treats and ensuring their needs are met in every way. This is one facility every pet owner should check out.

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