Look Gorgeous on Your Big Day with Air Brush Makeup in Omaha

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Beauty

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The big day is just around the corner. Your dress is ready, your wedding is planned out, and you have someone to do your hair, but have you consider what you will do about your makeup? Many brides to be are opting for a special makeup choice on the day they are planning to be married because they want to be sure that they look their absolute best. The option that they are choosing is air brush make up in Omaha. This is a fairly new service that is being offered at some of the top beauty salons and it is well worth the cost according to most.

Just What Is Air Brush Make Up?

If you have ever seen an artist use an airbrush gun to paint a portrait, then you can easily understand what happens with air brush makeup in Omaha. The specially formulated makeup is used in an air gun that will spray the solutions onto your skin. While this may sound like it would be heavy or feel greasy on your face, the opposite is actually true. When average makeup is applied to the face it is done so in a thick coating that can sink into small lines and crevices, which can often leave the skin looking flawed. With airbrushed makeup, the coating is very thin and works with the client’s complexion to achieve a look of absolute perfection. Cosmetologists use precise judgment to match skin tones and the end result can be magnificent.

Why Choose Air Brush Make Up for your Wedding Day?

The reason that most brides choose to have air brush makeup on their wedding day is the fact that it gives a flawless look for portraits and will last for many hours without wearing off. In fact, the look can be maintained for as long as 14 hours, is waterproof, and can sometimes last even longer. Therefore, no amount of sweat, tears, or weather will be cause for concern and you can still come out of the service looking your absolute best. Compared to the cost of having your makeup professionally applied, the cost of airbrushing is actually minimal. Be sure to check with your local salon before your big day arrives about services and pricing.

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