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Whole Life Recovery: How a Recovery Coach can Help

The idea of whole life recovery is derived from both Native American teachings, as well as Eastern philosophies, in the fact that people must continue to move forward, rather than backward. It is also focused on the fact that each person has four different life elements of wellness that have to be balanced if a person is to experience any type of wholeness in their life:

* Mental
* Spiritual
* Physical
* Emotional

When these four life elements are working together to balance and revitalize the body, they will provide a sense of happiness, wellness, fulfillment, contentment and wholeness.

In order to achieve Whole Life Recovery, people will need a Recovery Coaching professional that has the proper Certification. This individual can help those suffering from substance abuse to reach a whole life wellness and the benefits that are listed above.

Life’s Master Plan
The concept of whole life recovery is pretty simple and one that has been around for a number of centuries and one that is extremely easy to teach to those recovering from some type of substance abuse. During whole life recover, individuals are taught that in order to find fulfillment and balance in their lives, they have to develop and heal while maintaining the four life elements inside of themselves.

The Challenge is finding Balance

The process of recovery is filled up with discovery. One of the most important of these discoveries is being able to find out that you are actually welcome in this world, that you can set goals, meet them and have aspirations. However, dreams aspirations and goals are not able to co-exist with a lifestyle that is addictive. The fact is that one or the other has to be eliminated. A recovery coach will help addicts make this all important first step.

The fact is that there are few addicts that can make it through recovery and maintain their sobriety without the assistance of some type of coach. Recovery coaches offer the support, guidance and motivation necessary to help any addict achieve this. It is essential to find a coach that has the proper training and certification, which will help you to meet your recovery goals. These are skills that must be met in order to be successful, and a recovery coach will often continue working with addicts throughout their life to ensure they maintain their sobriety.

If you are looking to earn your Recovery Coaching Certification, visit the RISE website for more information.