What Services Are Presented By A Personal Injury Chiropractor In Auburn, WA?

by | May 26, 2017 | chiropractor

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In Washington, local residents who sustain injuries will need to acquire medical treatment for these injuries. However, for less complex injuries, a holistic approach may be more appropriate for some patients. These opportunities could lower the need for surgery and help the patient recover more effectively. The following is information about the services presented by a Personal Injury Chiropractor Auburn WA.

Completing a Full Assessment of the Injuries

The chiropractor starts their services by providing a full assessment of all injuries. They conduct physical examinations to define the range of motion and the exact origin of the injury. They also acquire x-rays for the bones to determine if there are any additional underlying conditions contributing to the patient’s pain or discomfort.

Creating a Care Plan for the Patient

The Personal Injury Chiropractor Auburn WA designs a care plan for the patients. This care plan can consist of a variety of holistic treatments. This could include, but is not limited to, massage therapy, exercise plans, and spinal adjustments. The chiropractor takes a more personalized approach when setting up these plans to ensure all associated areas are addressed to help the patient heal properly.

Addressing Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and diet are also vital parts of the patient’s recovery. The chiropractor may create meal plans for the patient to help them to recover properly. These diets could include foods with additional vitamins and minerals to manage weight or to promote the distribution of feel-good hormones.

Modifications as the Patient Progresses

The chiropractor will make modifications as the patient progresses through this plan. Certain exercises may cause a plateau for the patient. The changes help them exceed these plateaus and continue to progress. They can also improve range of motion and help the patient become mobile faster. Visit here for more details.

In Washington, local residents who sustain injuries need a thorough assessment before choosing surgery. A holistic approach could help them to heal without surgery. This approach includes a care plan for each individual based on their injuries and needs. Patients who need assistance from a Personal Injury Chiropractor Auburn WA can contact Rebound Sports Med right now.

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