What is Dianabol?

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Health

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Over and above diet and rigorous training, many power-lifters use supplementary anabolic steroids of which Dianabol is one. The objective of course is to attain muscle growth and strength. Although steroid use over an extended period of time can have side effects, some of which can be quite serious, if taking them is important, it must be done properly. This means that they must be cycled in timed phases.

Dbol steroids have been in use since the late 1950s and are considered to be the first steroid that was developed with the goal of enhancing athletic performance. Prior to the introduction of Dianabol, the only synthetic anabolic steroid available was pure testosterone. This testosterone was used by the Soviets during the 1940s and 50s Olympics to achieve winning results, all of which were disastrous for team USA as the US Olympic athletes were soundly defeated.

In an effort to put the USA back on a level footing, Dbol steroids were developed and they soon found their way into a myriad of different sports. Today, as it is considered to be a bulking steroid, it is normally used by weightlifters. When cycled, it is used in a four to six week cycle. If cycled improperly, continued use can result in elevated blood pressure and affect the liver as well.

Anabolic steroids were declared a controlled substance by the US government in 1991. Those that sell it and use it are technically committing a crime. There is however a safe and effective variant called Dianabol-Dbol which has been proven safe for use by bodybuilders. This product is completely legal and is available without a prescription. It is common to find it listed online.

Let’s concentrate on Dianabol-Dbol steroids for a moment. The product mimics the action of methandrostenolone, a common anabolic steroid; however it does not create any side effects. As it closely mimics the Dbol steroid, it has a positive effect on the synthesis of protein in the muscles. As a result of this action, muscle mass is rapidly built and there is a corresponding increase in strength. As one’s strength is increased, heavier lifting can be taken on during training, which continues to add to the development of muscle. The net result is a perfectly legal substance, free from negative side effects and very safe to use in a cycle of two months “on” and one and half weeks “off.” Visit us online for more details Website URL

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