Types Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Healthcare

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Do you know all of the types of hormone replacement therapy available today? This treatment has grown to be one of the most sought after for its ability to work well, but many people think of it as just a solution for menopause. There are many other indications of it working to solve some of the body’s most intense situations. It’s important for you to know some of the types of hormone replacement therapy that may help to improve your quality of life.

Adult and pediatric human growth hormone are one of the most common forms. It works to advance growth in children while providing the body’s main organs – such as the heart and muscles – with the necessary nutrition. In adults, it provides one of the most important components for repairing and healing the body’s diseased cells. It is quite versatile in the way it works.

Testosterone therapy is another type of hormone replacement therapy. For those with Low T, a type of male menopause can occur. This can lead to hair loss, excessive weight gain, and deflated skin. Testosterone therapy works to combat that through improved overall management of testosterone.

Another option is estrogen replacement therapy. Estrogen decreases in menopause, often leading to metabolism changes, fatigue, and cosmetic changes. It is a common reason for low sex drive. Estrogen replacement therapy can combat these symptoms.

Progesterone replacement therapy works to combat this drop that is commonly occurring during menopause. It can help with better management of blood sugar, mental clarity, and sex hormones.

By understanding the various types of hormone replacement therapy, it is possible for individuals to gain the insight they need to improve their quality of life.

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