The Process for an Ultrasound Scan in Glendale, CA

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Health

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An ultrasound scan in Glendale, CA is a diagnostic imaging technique that can be used to view internal organs, assess blood flow through the blood vessels, and more. It is commonly used for pregnant women so that the specialist can check the development of the baby. It uses high-frequency sound waves that aren’t detrimental to the body, which is why many obstetricians use it, as it does not hurt the fetus.

How it Works

The machine or scanner usually includes three components: the computer, display screen, and a transducer probe. The transducer is a small gadget that is held in hand by the technician. It’s attached to the scanner and is the part that’s put on the area to be scanned. In most cases, the ultrasound technician uses a special gel to ensure that the transducer can glide over the area without getting caught on the skin. The transducer transmits sound waves that penetrate the body and echo back to the traducer, which sends them to the computer, which finally displays it on the screen for the technician to see.

The ultrasound pictures work similarly as sonar that submarines and bats use to navigate. Controlled sound bounces off objects, and the ultrasound scan uses controlled sound. The echo can determine how far away the object is, what shape and size it has, and even the density. When the transducer is put onto the skin, it directs muted and high-frequency sound into the body. Those sound waves echo from tissues, organs, and body fluids, and are picked up by the transducer. It can record any tiny changes in pitch or direction of sound. The echoes can be measured instantly and sent to the computer, which can then generate real-time images on the display screen. For more visit Glendale MRI.

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