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The Elderly Can Receive Dementia Care With Dignity

Dementia is where someone starts forgetting things. We all forget things, but those suffering with dementia constantly forget things in the middle of trying to talk. They can also forget where they live when they try to talk or walk, or they may even forget who they are. Their memory loss starts off as temporary and short term, but it gets worse over time. Dementia can be caused by a head injury, suffering from Alzheimer or be just a part of growing older. Whatever the root cause of a person having dementia, the person will need to be looked after to varying degrees. They may even need to live in an assisted living facility that has a staff that is licensed and trained in Dementia Care.

When people first realize that they are getting forgetful, they tend to hide it from friends and especially from family members, fearing they will be sent to a nursing home. Nursing homes have a bad reputation of being a place where old people are just treated as grown-up children. When family realizes that they have a family member suffering from dementia, they should check into senior living or assisted living communities. This isn’t a nursing home, but a place where their residents have a small apartment to live in. There is a staff trained in Dementia Care available to “assist” the residents to live an active life with dignity. In addition to their Memory Care Suites, that have private bathrooms, TV and Internet connections and doors that can be secured so the resident doesn’t just wander off and get lost. They also have a clubhouse they can visit for dining and attending dances.

Dementia care in Middlesex, New Jersey may consist of personalized programming depending on the individual’s needs, diagnoses, and level of mental and physical functioning. Dementia Care involves understanding that a person suffering from dementia lives better lives when they have a well-established daily routine. Familiar day-to-day activities keeps them stable. It is the consistency of activity that ensures their needs get met and that they can get the help they need to be able to take care of themselves, with the staff helping them only as much as is needed. The staff members remind or help them with their hygiene tasks, appointments or things like grocery shopping. In senior living communities, staff members become friends of the residents. They help them live with dignity and don’t embarrass the residents by over helping, especially when family or friends come to visit.