The Benefit of Modern Skincare: Skin Ceuticals in Maui

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Skin Care Clinic

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Modern society may seem obsessed with physical appearances and the desire to maintain youthful skin, but this is not a cultural or generational desire. The wish to look young and healthy is one that people around the world have shared for thousands of years. The methods have changed, but the goals remain the same.

Ancient Egyptian Methods

Wealthy Egyptians were known to treat their skin with a mixture of natron and water. Natron is a sodium bicarbonate by-product that when mixed with water becomes a skin hydrating cream. The same people also used a variety of oils to protect their sunbaked skin. Egyptians covered their gray hairs with henna and Egyptian men used various oils and animal fats to encourage hair growth.

Traditional Indian Techniques

This innovative culture used sandalwood in makeup, as a skin cleanser and conditioner. They mixed sandalwood with turmeric to create a paste that was left on overnight to eliminate acne. Camphor was added to the paste during the hottest weather to prevent overheating of the skin. Saffron soaked overnight in milk was used to remove a tan or if mixed with a little sandalwood it could be applied to the face to brighten the complexion.

Elizabethan Skin Care

The line of Skin Ceuticals in Maui would have been very in-demand in during the Elizabethan Era. The women of this generation believed that the removal of wrinkles required placing raw meat on the face. If meat was not available, raw egg whites were another option.

Modern Beauty Improvements

Anti-aging products today are much more effective because of the advancements in science that allow laboratories to determine the active components in natural ingredients. The ingredients chosen for serums and lotions like the collection of skin ceuticals in Maui are those that have been proven to work. Eliminated are the wasteful fillers and additional ingredients that could potentially harm the skin.

The products made today have the benefit of being filled with natural ingredients, have medically proven results and are carefully tested for safety. There is no longer any reason to waste money on ineffective products advertised as miracle treatments or to spend all day in the kitchen grinding and mixing spices for a skin paste. Check out for safe, simple solutions that actually work.

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