Preventative Senior Pet Care at Animal Hospital Kihei

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Animal Health

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Caring for a senior pet is very similar to caring for a senior citizen. Pets only live so long, as do humans. Giving them proper preventative treatment is a necessity for your pets in order to help them maintain a healthy life. You can find these types of services at an Animal Hospital Kihei facility. They are experienced professionals that can guide you with the proper care and give advice as to what type of food they should be eating, as well as any healthy supplements your pet may need.

On average, a healthy dog lives for approximately 13 years. In dog years, that translates to the age of 91. Dogs have seven times the rate of a human in years. So, if your dog is currently 10 years old in human years, your dog is actually 70 years old. A healthy cat lives for approximately 15-20 years. This is dependent upon whether you cat is a house cat only, or whether he goes outside on a frequent basis. Also, having your pets spayed or neutered will add on a few years to their longevity as it helps prevent certain diseases. The human to cat years of life varies, but basically if you add ten years to your kitten’s life and then nine years to their second year and then four years for every consecutive life. Some people disagree on this rule, so it is best to talk to a veterinarian at your local Animal Hospital Kihei facility.

Preventative care can include screenings for cancer, liver disease, as well as kidney and heart problems. As you can see, a pet can have just as many problems as a human being. Taking the necessary steps given to you by your local Animal Hospital Kihei veterinarian can help your pet live a few extra years. Of course, this depends on their lifestyle and eating habits.

If you have never taken your pet to a veterinarian, you should consider doing so very soon. The good people at Animal Hospital Kihei are professionally trained to help you and your pet. They will give you guidance and maybe a shot or two for your pets, just to make sure they are up to date on rabies and other similar preventable diseases.


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