Pills Aren’t the Only Option for ED

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Health

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Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem among contemporary men. In fact, it is the most common sexual issue reported to physicians. Tens of millions of men suffer from ED on a regular basis. The good news is that there is effective treatment available. Also, not all treatment involves taking risky medication or undergoing dangerous surgical procedures. Male patients can now opt for drug free ED treatment Costa Mesa CA for a safer alternative. Find out how shock wave therapy can help you minimize or eliminate ED problems.

Addressing the Problem

Shock wave therapy works because it complements the way erections happen. During arousal, chemicals are released by the nerves to stimulate blood flow. This causes the tissue inside of the penis to swell and create an erection. The spongy material inside the penis needs a constant supply of blood flow to maintain the erection. Then, the tissue relaxes and the blood remains inside of the penis. This is what keeps the penis firm during sexual intercourse. Shock wave therapy creates new blood vessels to carry more blood to the penis.

In order to find out if you truly suffer from ED, a doctor will have to analyze your situation. A physician may inquire into your history with recreational drugs, prescription drugs or previous surgeries in the pelvic region. A doctor will also need to know if you consume alcohol or tobacco regularly. Finally, it will be necessary to determine whether other medical conditions are the problem.

What Does Shock Wave Therapy Do?

A new type of therapy for ED involves using shock waves. These electric waves are produced in a low intensity form. A device is applied to the exterior of the penis to transmit the waves through the skin. The use of these shock waves help stimulate the growth of new blood vessels to replace damaged ones. This helps the penis to become erect and to maintain an erection.

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