Neuropathy Treatment in Hopewell Junction Depends on What is Causing the Symptoms

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Healthcare, Massage Therapy

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Peripheral neuropathy affects the nerves which control how a person feels temperature and pain, their sense of touch and their muscle strength. Often this problem begins in the fingers and toes before moving into the limbs. Over time, it can lead to a loss of feeling and pain in the hands, feet and legs. Those suffering from peripheral neuropathy may find it hard to balance or do activities which require coordination. The cause of this medical condition has yet to be discovered, although diabetics, those suffering from kidney problems and those who have been exposed to toxic substance are more susceptible to peripheral neuropathy. Thankfully, Neuropathy Treatment Hopewell Junction is available.

To determine the correct Neuropathy Treatment Hopewell Junction area, doctors take a medical history, a history of the symptoms being experienced and do a physical examination. During this exam, the doctor looks for numbness, muscle weakness and impaired reflexes. Urine and blood tests may be needed to determine if the person is suffering from metabolic or vitamin deficiencies and to rule out genetic defects and underlying diseases. Other tests, such as an EMG or nerve biopsy, may also be ordered to help determine the correct Neuropathy Treatment.

Once it has been determined where the nerve damage is coming from, doctors create a treatment plan. If the patient is suffering from a vitamin deficiency, dietary changes will need to be made and vitamin therapy started. Those who develop peripheral neuropathy as a result of alcoholism can halt symptoms by refraining from alcohol. Diabetics suffering from this condition need to carefully monitor blood sugar levels to reduce symptoms and slow the progression of the condition.

The sooner this condition is diagnosed, the better it is for the patient as peripheral nerves can only regenerate so much. Treatment may slow progress of the disease, but it can’t reverse it. Physical therapy may be needed to help keep the patient’s strength up and it’s also beneficial to avoid muscle spasms and cramping. Those who experience nerve damage resulting from nerve compression or an injury may need surgery. Doctors can only determine the correct course of treatment once it has been determined what is leading to the problem which is why medical treatment needs to be sought immediately. For more information on Neuropathy Treatment, click here.


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