In Home Help For Those Suffering From Alzheimer’s

by | May 6, 2013 | Senior Health

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In many cases, those suffering from Alzheimer’s would prefer to stay in their home for as long as possible. Those who provide Alzheimer’s care in Dallas are faced with a very unique challenge; they have to fill all the roles, child, parent, spouse and employee. As the disease progresses and the patient requires more support, there are ways to provide in-house help.

The family:

There are some families that are fortunate and there are a number of family members in the area. These family members can develop a schedule for care giving and taking on the responsibilities. The best is for the family to get together, discuss the situation and then dedicate a specific amount of time that they can honestly give. There may be some members who can give an entire day once a week; there may be others that can drop in every lunch hour and still others who can visit each evening. When the commitments for providing Alzheimer’s care in Dallas have been made and agreed upon, give everyone a copy and post the schedule.

If giving a specific number of hours is not possible, there may be family members who can attend to grocery shopping, paying the bills, bathing, etc.

A companion:

There are many sufferers of Alzheimer’s who require minimal medical care but do need someone with them. It may be possible to hire a person who will act as a companion; they can come in and prepare the meals, do a little light housework and go for walks with the patient.

Meals on wheels:

There are agencies that will deliver ready-made meals to the home of Alzheimer’s sufferers. This service provides excellent Alzheimer’s care in Dallas for those who may forget to eat or reach a point where preparing food becomes too difficult.

Home health care:

If your loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s reaches a point where they need a trained expert, assistants or even nurses-aides are available for hire. As an example, if showering and personal care becomes overly difficult, an assistant can visit the home every day for a couple of hours and provide this specific assistance. These people can also come in for a full day if you want; they are trained to deal with difficult behavior, incontinence and other awkward challenges.

Larger cities often have agencies that offer Alzheimer’s care in Dallas. Many of these people are also training to be a nurse and they can be contacted at schools that offer nurse training.

Adult day care:

Adult day care is similar to child day care, they are a place where you can take the Alzheimer’s sufferer and leave them for the day, knowing that they will be given care, be provided with activities and companionship and be well fed. The only real difference between adult and child day care is the training the caregivers have.

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