How A Physical Therapist In Scottsdale AZ Treats Patients For Joint Problems

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Healthcare

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When a person has been injured to the point where there is limited mobility and function, he or she is usually sent to a physical therapist. A physical therapist helps the patient with various exercises, manipulative therapy, and other similar methods to restore him or her to functionality. For example, if a person has rotator cuff issues because of some repetitive injury at work, a physical therapist will use techniques to help that person heal and get back to the point where he can work again. A Physical Therapist in Scottsdale AZ has been helping patients for years.

* The ultimate goal of the physical therapist is to restore joint movement. The therapist will also help the patient improve flexibility and increase the strength in injured limbs or joints that are weak.

* The therapist will begin treatment with the intent to reduce the patient’s swelling and diminish the level of pain. Various ways of doing this include using heat, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound.

* Exercise will be a major part of the physical therapy program. The patient will learn certain stretches, employ walking, and even use weightlifting. As expected, exercise may be accompanied by soreness. Sometimes there may even be swelling. This seems like it is going against the program of healing but, if done correctly, it will improve the functionality.

* The exercises that the patient learns during the P.T. sessions are encouraged to be done at home as well. It is important to do them correctly. This will increase the healing process.

There is a physical therapist in Scottsdale AZ who works with a chiropractic center, employing a multi-faceted approach to the patient’s healing. The physical therapist is committed to removing anything that will hinder the patient’s ability to freely move the joints. Patients can be assured of being restored to functional health after receiving the various treatment methods at the center. If interested in getting physical therapy, or the doctor has recommended you see one, you can visit the website of Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage.

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