Functional Medicine Courses

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Health

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Today there are more than one hundred medical conditions that can be helped with alternative medicine, including migraines and chronic fatigue syndrome. The fields in holistic medicine are growing each year so deciding to pursue this area is a good career choice.

The New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies is a school for learning the Natural Healing Arts using a distance learning program. The school is a fully accredited distance learning school. All programs are fully accredited and approved to allow individuals to pursue careers in natural and alternative healing remedies and herbal studies.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine courses focus on the optimal functioning of the body and organs using a system of holistic remedies.

Functional medicine involves client-centered care with an understanding, prevention, and remedy of complex chronic issues. By listening to the client, the practitioner takes the client through the discovery process and tailor remedies that address their needs.

Conventional medicine is centered on treating diseases and divides them up into specialties like cardiology, psychiatry and so on. Rather than treating just the symptoms of any disease, functional medicine attempts to understand the underlying causes and creates customized remedy plans for the issues as a whole.

Functional medicine practitioners focus on the whole person and not just isolated symptoms. This shifts the remedy to a more client-centered approach. This approach allows practitioners to offer a unique healthcare experience to their clients, which results in a higher satisfaction rating.

Functional medicine mingles traditional medical practices with holistic medicine making it focus on the prevention through education in nutrition, therapeutic diets, exercise, botanical medicines, and stress management.

If you are interested in functional medicine, then consider functional medicine courses your alternative medical training. Coursework and training include gastrointestinal issues, detoxification and toxins, the immune system, hormonal balance, metabolic and cardiovascular issues, and pain management.

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