Common Emergency Management And CPR Training Mistakes Made By Modesto Businesses

by | May 18, 2016 | Healthcare

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Failing to have a plan to deal with emergency situations in a workplace is a very serious issue for most companies. Simply safety training to know where emergency exits are, how to use fire suppression equipment and how to complete CPR, first aid and AED use, are important for a Modesto business of any size.

Unfortunately, too many businesses only discover the need for planning and training after a tragedy has occurred. This could be anything from a fire to an employee with a life-threatening emergency, but when the staff doesn’t have a plan or doesn’t know the plan, there is an increased risk of loss of life.

No Plan
While no one wants to consider a life-threatening situation such as an unresponsive employee with a heart attack or choking, not having a plan of how to address these worse case scenarios is a very big issue.

By developing a plan and appointing specific people to implement the plan to address the entire organization, people are more confident and understand what to do in a crisis. Often the greatest loss of life occurs when people simply don’t know what to do or assume that someone else will handle making the emergency call or ensuring someone trained in first aid and CPR is providing services to the individual.

No Training
Workplace CPR training is not costly, and top training programs will even send trainers right to the workplace. Different trainings, including the use of AED or Automated External Defibrillators or basic first aid combined with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, can easily be completed in one afternoon or morning, making it a time and cost-effective in-house training.

Keep in mind that these certifications are good for two full years. Then, the employees should go through the training again to reinforce the practice and to also keep abreast of new techniques and options for working with people until the EMTs arrive.

No Focus
Whenever a Modesto company implements a comprehensive safety plan for the workplace, it is essential that employees understand that it is supported by management and a priority for the company.

By having the management officials complete the CPR, first aid and AED training with the staff it sends a powerful message of corporate culture and commitment to workplace safety. It also reinforces the value of this training when someone’s life is on the line.

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