Before a First Appointment With a Foot Doctor, Bolingbrook Patients Should Remember These Tips

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Health

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Bolingbrook residents of all ages and backgrounds may eventually have a reason to visit a podiatrist, or foot doctor in Bolingbrook. Bolingbrook specialists are usually best able to help patients who come to their appointments well prepared and ready to ask questions. Keep reading to get some suggestions for making the most of your first meeting.

Make a List of Symptoms

Once a doctor asks his or her opening question of “What seems to be the problem,” you may suddenly find yourself feeling a little flustered and rushed. Respond to that query as thoroughly as possible by creating a list of specific symptoms before you arrive at the appointment.

Also, take note of whether certain activities, such as exercising, make them worse. That information should be very helpful for a foot doctor. Bolingbrook experts may also request that you bring any footwear or braces to the office. Even though you might be wearing those accessories to help, they could be unknowingly making issues worse.

See if You Need a Referral

Depending on the coverage offered by your insurance network, it may be necessary to get a referral before visiting a podiatrist. Also, find out what your responsibilities are in terms of promptly filing an insurance claim and covering the co-pay amount.

Fill Out Forms Before the Appointment

In an effort to help patients get seen as quickly as possible, some providers offer online forms that can be printed out and completed before an appointment with a foot doctor. Bolingbrook patients who schedule an appointment at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates can download an information sheet on our website that also includes details about financial policies.

By being proactive and using the suggestions above, you can feel more at ease before your initial appointment with a foot doctor. Bolingbrook patients who take time to prepare for meetings with physicians often feel more informed and able to make competent choices about treatment options. Whether you need advice about how to treat a bunion or want to get fitted for a custom orthotic, make an appointment with us at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates today.

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